Are all the locksmiths the same? Third time's the charm!

I recently worked on a mortise cylinder lock that another locksmith had tried to get to function properly. Mortise cylinder locks are the higher end locks found on many heavy duty business doors. The first locksmith was only able to make the lock semi-functional, claiming that he didn't have the right parts to fix the lock. Rather than finding the right parts, he just walked away from the job. Subsequently, a second locksmith had made an immediate determination that a new lock was needed but they never followed through with a quote that they had promised via email. The lock in question secures an area where about 20 employees work and getting the lock fixed was a high priority item for the business owner.

As the third locksmith who was asked to take a look at this lock, I found two issues with the original locksmith's work that kept the lock from working normally. In addition, one of the previous locksmiths had tried to remove one of the handles using pliers and damaged the finish on this very nice handle set. My intention is not to honk my own horn, but to make the point that when you are looking for a locksmith, please keep in mind that not all locksmiths are equal. There are individuals that start their own locksmith businesses or get hired by a locksmith company but lack the essential ability to troubleshoot issues. Not every locksmith is a problem solver. Replacing a perfectly good lock with a new one gives a bad reputation to the entire locksmith trade. I strongly recommend doing your research before hiring a locksmith. Once you find a good one, make sure you keep their number programmed in your phone.