Warning About Inferior Quality Deadbolt Locks


We don't regularly single out specific manufacturers in a negative manner and we definitely don't take pleasure in writing negative things about any specific brand. However, I feel compelled to share my experience with a Defiant brand deadbolt (available at Home Depot).  A customer of ours got locked out of his house yesterday. Once I arrived at his house, he suggested that it might be easier to pick their patio door lock rather than the higher quality front door lock. His gut feeling was right! 

It took about 5 seconds to get the Defiant brand deadbolt lock opened...and I am not exaggerating. There are "bad people" out there with the same skillset as a typical locksmith. A lock like this would not even slow the "bad guy" down. This particular lock probably costs about $10 to $15 and it was installed on a house costing well North of $500,000. 

Needless to say, there are much higher quality locks out there. I strongly urge you to evaluate the locks on your home. Do not think that all locks are built the same. There are locks that are very difficult or impossible to pick. If you need help replacing any inferior quality locks, we would naturally be happy to help.