Lock Rekeying in Downtown San Diego and Surrounding Areas 

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Lock-IQ can rekey your existing condo, home, or business locks in San Diego downtown and surrounding areas without having to replace your existing lock hardware.

Our van features a state-of-the-art computerized key cutting machine for generating new keys.

During the rekeying process we remove the inner portion of your lock (the lock cylinder) and modify its "pinning" so it can only be operated with the new key. 

If your lock is part of your HOA's master key system, we can rekey your lock and keep you on the master key if you so wish. Please see our blog post about San Diego Downtown Condo locks here: Downtown Condo Keys - Should I be on the building master key? 


Q: When should I rekey my locks?

A: Most people rekey their locks immediately after losing a key, purchasing a new property, or even after a room mate moves out. Rekeying is relatively inexpensive considering the piece of mind it gives you.

Q: I also have a storage unit with a padlock. Is it possible to operate the padlock with the same key as my front door?

A: We do have padlocks available that can be keyed to match your home's front door (or almost any other lock for that matter!). Imagine the convenience of having to carry only one key?

Q: My condo key is also on the building master key. Is that a problem?

A: Not at all. There are many benefits to being part of the building masterkey system and we can certainly rekey your lock and keep you on the building masterkey. Of course, if you decide to opt out from the building master, we can accommodate that too.