Warning Regarding Locksmith Scams in San Diego


Unfortunately there are Scammers in every service profession. Locksmith businesses are no different, but it is extremely disheartening when someone takes an advantage of a person during an emergency.

Here are some hints on how to identify and prevent a locksmith scam:

  1. If it sounds too good to be true... No professional locksmith will quote an extremely low price such $20 or $25 for unlocking services. Also, if you quote greatly exceeds $100, you may also be dealing with a scammer. Most professional locksmith companies charge a reasonable rate for their services.
  2. If your locksmith shows up in an "unmarked" car or van, be aware! Professional locksmiths drive around in vans full of proper equipment and these vans have advertisements for their business. Also, you can usually see their State license number on the side of the van.
  3. Always ask for a quote over the phone and verify it when the locksmith arrives. A written quote is always the best if in doubt.
  4.  You can always ask to see the locksmith's license card. State of California (Bereau of Security and Investigative Services) issues a pocket card to every licensed locksmith in California.
  5. If you locksmith wants to start drilling your lock before attempting to pick, you may be dealing with a scammer who will later attempt to sell you a new lock at an extremely inflated price.